Female laptop case

Female laptop case

It is no exaggeration to say that every owner of a portable device needs a laptop case. First, because the very concept of such a laptop assumes mobility, which is fully enjoyed by the owners of technology. Study, work, trips – laptop everywhere is irreplaceable.

But even if your PC does not happen outside the apartment, this situation can arise at any time. And what will you carry your laptop to a service center or transport from an apartment to an apartment? In short, a laptop case is one of the most important acquisitions after the computer itself. Therefore, her choice should be approached responsibly. After all, your task is not just to transport the device from place to place, but also to ensure its safety and security.

Female laptop case

Laptop case formats

Laptop case come in the following formats.

  • Bag briefcase. When they say “laptop bag”, most often mean exactly such portfolios. The bag has a handle and / or a shoulder strap. Such variants are made of leather or leatherette. You can also find many options from polyester or nylon. Bags can be made in different styles – from business to sports.
  • Case. A more rigid option in terms of design. Equipped with a lock. Made of cases of aluminum or durable plastic.
  • Suitcase. In such an “extended” format, a completely mobile office are place. The suitcases are made of polyester.
  • Carrying case. This is the simplest format. Folders for the laptop are light; consist of 1-2 compartments. Handles in them there, so they are usually used for lightweight versions of devices – such as a netbook.
  • Notebook backpack. Convenient, above all, a uniform distribution of the load on the back (as opposed to all other options). The backpack for the laptop has many pockets, allowing you to carry not only the device, but also a variety of small things. Backpacks are made of nylon and are very popular with young people, who value convenience and comfort.

Laptop case specifications

Dimensions. Of course, the first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a bag is its size, which depends on the dimensions of the device. The notebook bags on the market range from 10 to 17 inches. Most often, they are made with a “stock”, so that you can easily fit a power supply, mouse, etc. into the free space. (And, it happens a bottle of soda!). In order not to be mistaken, before buying, you should make measurements of the laptop.

  • Thickness. The most lightweight bags are accessories without additional compartments, which, in addition to the device, contain almost nothing. More solid options – a bag with many convenient pockets, which allow you to place all the necessary trifle.
  • Strength. A number of factors determines the strength of a laptop bag. First, the laptop compartment should be well protected from bumps. Most often, a thick rigid roller of elastic material provides this. In this case, it would be nice if the device could be fixed in the compartment with an additional strap. It matters and how well the bag is sewn (the quality of the seams, the attachment of the handle, etc.). Material. The most solid variants are represented by leather and leatherette. True, they can eventually become unusable – for example, crack in the cold, stretch, deform. Many people prefer synthetic materials, because they are resistant to wear. And it’s easy to take care of them. However, the plastic is also unpretentious and, probably, will live longer than the device itself. But aluminum is a specific material, but also the most stable of those described.

Ideal laptop case

Of course, laptop case does not have to meet all of the following requirements. However, having become acquainted with them, you will be able to decide which ones are important for you. So, what else matters?

  • Rigid inserts – they increase ergonomics.
  • The laptop compartment must be well protected against shock (as well as unwanted access) – for example, using a roller of resilient material.
  • Well, if the laptop can be locked in the compartment with an additional strap (can be on Velcro).
  • It is better if the handle bag for reliability has not one, but two rivets on each side.
  • It is also good if the handle is not just sewn to the bag. Much more reliable it makes steel staples attached with nylon loops and rivets.
  • Possibility to fasten the belt with metal arms and strong carabineers on the sides of the bag.
  • A wide belt with a rubberized shoulder strap prevents slipping and slipping when walking.
  • Many branches – basic and additional.
  • Practical if the bag has plastic legs. So, it does not get dirty, even if you put it on a dirty floor.

Source website: https://caselibrary.com