The New Age of Facebook Spying

The New Age of Facebook Spying

In essence, there is a Facebook spy software over cell phone, Fonetracker is the most reliable solution for most people having interest in effective Facebook monitoring. View more at

Keeping in mind that the latest changes and witnessed updates in the Facebook spy software, this app is likely to keep on dominating as one of the most excellent apps in its class.

Why it is considered superior than others?

You should note that most of its competitors offering the same type of apps, do not offer two of the most important Facebook monitoring features, which is live recording of calls and recording of the conversations around, due to regulatory problems.

Because its company is outside the US, it is not required to abide by any of the applicable US law. All infrastructures and servers are located outside the US. This protects this app from applicable laws and provides an important advantage over its competitors.

This app has got a big service and upgrade of the full portal, such as its control panel, to remain it up to date in 2019. After that procedure, it introduced also many new options, new features, and an extensive variety of new benefits for your users.

Its Control Center or control panel provides easy interface of all daily records and information obtained from Facebook over smartphones or other targeted devices. This app is very much easy to use, up to date and with a very user-friendly interface.


Its developers have provided their greatest efforts to make sure that this app can run on all new operating systems today. This app is well-suited with every latest versions of mobile phone operating system.

Plus, you can also sign up for its services for long time, providing you the full flexibility to use in any arrangement.